Drawer systems for tool boxes.

Looking for a little more organisation than shelving can offer? How about utilising drawers to store your tools and parts. Drawer systems can be especially useful for storing smaller parts that may get lost on shelving or the like. At Aussie Tool Boxes we are able to custom fabricate drawer systems to your specific requirements using quality tracks from light duty, through to heavy duty applications.

Drawers can be supplied using non-locking or locking style slides depending on the application. All are built on the premises so you can be sure they are built to your exact requirements.

custom drawer set
aluminium drawer set

custom four row drawer set
custom four row drawer set

under floor caravan drawer
custom ute tray drawer set

Custom drawer set built into truck tool box
Sliding drawer in custom ute tool box

Ranger drawer set in tub
Built in 4x4 drawer set